Car Carrier Trailer – Flat Top

Car Carrier Trailer – Flat Top

If you’re looking to purchase a trailer, one of our offerings includes the car carrier trailer. We provide the best car carrier trailers in Australia. We have a wide range of car carrier trailers that can fit into different needs. So, if you’re a motor enthusiast, racer, or mechanic, we’ll be sure to leave you satisfied.

At Hanson Equipment, we offer only the highest quality. We assemble our trailers here in Australia. As such, we can guarantee that they are of the best quality. Whether new or used, we ensure you can get value for your money when you get a car carrier trailer from us.

Available Models

Our offering includes various models such as:



Our car carrier trailers work perfectly with the transportation of various cars. It comes with a tilt layer function that allows you to unload and load your car easily. It’s designed to ensure it’s user-friendly, efficient, and useful.

Our primary model offering under this category includes:

  • 15 × 6 Galvanised Car Trailer
  • 15 × 6 Carrier Heavy Duty Tipper Trailer
  • 15 × 6 Tandem Axle

In case you’re wondering why you should choose Hanson Equipment for your purchase. It’s simple. Our car carrier trailers offer the following:

  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Galvanised steel construction (corrosion resistant)
  • Industry-leading prices
  • Warranty protection
  • 100% Australian made
  • Solid steel axles
  • Extra attachments are available for purchase

In case you’re looking to buy a Car Carrier Trailer, whether new or used, we can help you. You can go through our trailer offering or contact us for further enquiries.

We will help you find that perfect fit.