If you’re looking to purchase a truck, one of our brand offerings includes Fuso. They are a reputable producer of exceptional trucks with various functional capabilities that guarantees safety and comfort. It supports fuel efficiency, increases safety, and guarantees excellent driving performance. So, if you’re looking for a perfect truck for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty transport issues, Fuso is an excellent option.

Available Models

Our offering includes various models such as:

Fuso Canter Crew Cab

This model can cater to up to seven people – three in front and the other four at the rear. It comes with an advanced safety and security system that ensures occupants are fully protected. There’s also an air-conditioning that guarantees comfort. It then comes with a storage unit which allows the optimisation of available space.

Fuso Fighter Series

This is another famous option if you’re looking to get a truck. It’s particularly useful for general freight and food distribution. They are also perfect for low chassis operations height wise. It comes with curtainsiders and fridge bodies. It’s extremely comfortable to use and drive. Even more, it supports fuel economisation.  It’s definitely a smart choice.

Shogun Series

The Shogun series is among the newest additions from Fuso, and it comes with low emission and fuel-efficient 8-litre 360 horsepower engine. This series comes with a functional capacity that satisfies existing emission standard. It has an engine that ensures there’s little or no carbon footprint when you use this model.

Other models include the All Canter Series and the Canter Tipper Trucks.

In case you’re looking to buy a truck from Fuso, whether new or used, we can help you. You can go through our truck offering or contact us for further enquiries.

We will help you find that perfect fit.