If you’re looking to purchase a truck, one of our brand offerings includes Hino. They are a leading producer of light, middle and heavy-duty diesel truck. They pride themselves in engineering trucks and buses with inherent quality, durability and reliability. We ensure you can get access to them quickly and conveniently.

Available Models

Our offering includes various models such as:


The 300 Series: The Light-Duty Range

This series offers you a class-leading degree of safety, efficiency, and power. It also delivers benchmark degree of road efficiency while delivering superior comfort and interior ergonomics.

With over 60 models spanning across Standard, Crew Cab, Hybrid electric-diesels or high horsepower model, Hino delivers quality. It also offers the Alloy tray and Steel tray models and Built-to-Go factory tippers.

The 500 Series: The Medium Duty Range

All models in the Hino 500 series boast perhaps the most extensive active safety system among existing Japanese truck within this truck category. Not content with merely leading the market with standard inclusions, the Hino safety package includes ABS, traction control, Easy Start and Front Underrun Protection (FUP).

It’s smarter, more robust and safer. With over 100 models currently available for your use, Hino continuously exceeds imaginations with its legendary operating and fuel efficiency.

The 700 Series: Prime Mover and Heavy-Duty Trucks

With over ten heavy-duty models in this line-up, this series gets the job done. It provides the best combination of European degree of comfort, lifesaving technologies, safety equipment and Japanese build quality and engineering.

The 700 series employs the efficient and ever-reliable Hino 13litre 480Hp, 450Hp and 440Hp engines.

In case you’re looking to buy a Hino product, whether new or used, we can help you. You can go through our truck offering or contact us for further enquiries.

We will help you find that perfect fit.