Hino’s 300 Series Light-Duty Trucks Don’t Require Truck-Licenced Drivers

Hino’s 300 Series Light-Duty Trucks Don’t Require Truck-Licenced Drivers
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You must have heard the news that you require an exclusive licence to drive certain vehicles. Well, that’s the truth. Over the years, so you can drive larger trucks, you’ll need an exclusive truck licence.

However, the problem is while there’s a never-ending need for larger trucks, there’s a shortage of licenced drivers. So, you’ll usually have to search hard or find a smaller vehicle.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to Hino’s 300 series you can now avoid this issue. Wondering what this is all about? Keep reading to find out.

Getting to Know the Hino 300 Series Light-Duty Truck

The new Hino 300 series is one of the revelations of 2020. It provides a fantastic combination of performance, safety, payload, and towing capacity. It provides a safety level equal and perhaps better than the conventional light commercial vehicles.

However, Hino goes a step forward and combines this with the ability to function as a towing vehicle while holding a large payload. For instance, the Hino 300 series can tow a trailer that weighs as much as 3.5 tonnes. It can also hold a nominal payload weight as much as 2.5 tonnes.

Truck-Licenced Drivers or Not?

One of the design components that make the Hino 300 series stand out is its compatibility with car licenced drivers. All you need to do is configure it with a 4.5-tonne GVM (gross vehicle mass). Then, a passenger car licence becomes sufficient to drive it.

Additional Benefits

Beyond easing the challenges of having to find a truck-licenced driver, the Hino 300 series comes with other advantages. These benefits include:

1. Efficiency

At the core of this production is 100 per cent efficiency. This series comes with two engine type. You can decide to go for the 5-litre type. And this type comes with a horsepower capacity reaching as much as 205 (153 kilowatts).

There’s also the 4-litre type. And this type comes with a horsepower capacity reaching as much as 165 (123 kilowatts).

Even more, there’s also plan for a drive train designed to function as electric-diesel machinery. And it will suffice to comply with Euro 6 regulations on emission while providing an increase in fuel economisation by 21 per cent.

2. Easy Driving

One of the hallmarks of this design is the authentic automatic transmission that makes it perfect for the delivery and trades market. It can easily transition from a light-duty truck to a van or 1-tonne Ute.

3. Security & Safety

Another hallmark of the Hino 300 series is its world-class security. As always, it comes with the industry-leading Hino SmartSafe. In turn, this supplies a broad safety package that protects the life of road users, passengers, and drivers.
This is also supported by driver-assist software, Pedestrian Detection (PD), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS), and Pre-Collision Systems (PCS). Great right?
So, if you’re looking for a world-class vehicle that takes away the need for truck-licensed vehicles, you should choose the Hino 300 Series.