If you’re looking to purchase a truck, one of our brand offerings includes Mack. They are a leading producer of exceptional trucks with functional capabilities that allows it to satisfy the needs of long-hauls and regional operators. It equips its models with various devices that enable you to purchase a more reliable truck.

Mack has produced several trucks which have contributed immensely to transport solutions. It produces lighter and fuel-efficient trucks that perform regardless of the working condition. Simply, Mack is a partner you can trust.

Available Models

Our offering includes various models such as:

The Mack Pinnacle

The Mack Pinnacle DayCab is built to be a versatile workhorse for all your regional trips. It is known for its high power, fuel economy, and it’s widely used for diverse business needs. Mack Pinnacle has many application options, some of which include Regional Hauling, Flatbed and Lowboy, LTL/Van Hauling, and bulk hauling.

The Pinnacle Sleepers

The Mack Pinnacle Sleepers are designed for the comfort of the driver and passengers while transporting heavy loads, especially on long journeys. It has the unique features of fuel efficiency, conformant ability to handle payloads in for long-distance.

The Granite

The Granite is built on a potent and fuel-efficient engine, thus giving it the ability to stay nimble while carrying heavy loads. It’s ideally built with the strength to tackle a host of rugged jobs for a relatively short distance.



Anthem has a different outlook from the other truck models from Mack. It is very fuel-efficient, and It also allows professionals to access, repair and replace parts very easily and quickly.

In case you’re looking to buy a truck from Mack, whether new or used, we can help you. You can go through our truck offering or contact us for further enquiries.

We will help you find that perfect fit.