If you’re looking to purchase a truck, one of our brand offerings includes MAN. They are a leading producer of exceptional trucks with functional capabilities that allows it to satisfy the needs of long-hauls and regional operators. It equips its models with various devices that enable you to purchase a more reliable truck.

Available Models

Our offering includes various models such as:


2008 MAN TGL

The 2008 TGL is a light truck designed to be easily manoeuvrable. It’s slightly bigger than 3.5. tons van. It, however, carries twice of what the van does. It is easily manoeuvrable because of its relatively narrow width and short wheelbases.

2008 MAN TGM

The TGM has similar elements with the MAN TGL model. It, however, comes with better and more reliable engines. It has various cab configurations, precisely four. Also, it comes in tipper and rigid shapes.

The truck features a big all-round mirror system that offers superb visibility. Driver and passengers are also afforded their comfort, thanks to the stand multi-way adjustable seats. It comes with a wide range of seats which include the comfort air suspended seat, luxury seat with lumbar support and the standard static seat

2007 MAN TGS

This truck model can be used in s a wide range of operations. It’s exceptionally reputable for its ability to support rough conditions and massive payloads. It’s most notably used in construction due to its ability to withstand the harshest of conditions–muddy terrains and an unfriendly number of loads.

The TGS is considered the most roughed truck of all MAN’s trucks models, and it has been said to be engineered for arduous missions requiring high payloads and strong off-road capacities.

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